Future Work

how to equip trainers with competences to provide learners with skills for agile and digital work

The Future Work project consortium consists of 6 diferent European countries which clearly identified the need to develop and implement measures to improve digital skills of trainers in their preparatory research surveys among their staf and other peer organisations.

European enterprises are fighting more than ever to keep up with technology innovation and to make their businesses in these regards future fit. The European Union also sets out ambitious plans to support training institutions take up digital technologies as set out in the European Framework for Digitally Competent Educational Organisations and the Digital Education Action Plan since it is the educational sector that provides the economy with future employees. For being able to do so, the ones who are delivering teaching contents need first to be equipped sufficiently in order to be able to deliver digital knowledge, skills and competences to learners. The European Commission argues that only 20-25% of students are taught by teachers who are confident with technology use. The project „Future work- equipping trainer with skills for agile and digital work“ wants to target this problem and aims at equipping trainers – in their initial/ continuing VET – with necessary skills for delivering an up- to- date education, the uptake of innovative approaches and technologies in their work.

The project will analyse the existing skills gap of trainers further in this regard, inter alia with the help of the SELFIE tool, and will use the results of the needs’ analysis to then create innovative digital training materials (as OER) for the target group, which shall be implemented in general education, V/ET and HE for major quality improvements. The project will also lead to the uptake and use of new tools – in particular a MOBILE APP produced with contents for beneficiaries and their skills’ gaps – at the benefit of both, the target group (trainers) and beneficiaries (learners enrolled in programmes at HE and V/ET).

The project also aims at analysing skills gaps of final beneficiaries (learners) so that they can be sufficiently equipped with future work competences such as digital skills. In order to foster employability and personal development it is essential to equip future employees with forward looking skills. Innovative pedagogies are therefore needed and the project aims at tackling identified skills gaps of the beneficiaries with a contemporary mobile app, which will contain the FUTURE WORK case box for beneficiaries. New developed technologies will function as drivers for improvement in education and training and the uptake of these digital technologies will initiate a pedagogical, administrative, technical and organisational change.

Project Erasmus+ n° 2019-1-RO01-KA202-063343